Welcome to the Bull Breeding Soundness Evaluation web app, an artificial intelligence tool that helps you perform and record the results of a comprehensive assessment of the reproductive potential of your bulls. This app is based on the standards and guidelines developed by the Society for Theriogenology, the leading organization of veterinarians specialized in animal reproduction. With this app, you can:

  • Enter the data of the physical exam, scrotal circumference, sperm motility, and sperm morphology of each bull
  • Generate a report that classifies the bull according to the criteria of the Society for Theriogenology
  • Save, print, or share the report with your clients, bull-seller, bull-buyer, or colleagues
  • Access a database of previous evaluations and compare the results over time
  • Learn more about the importance, methods, and interpretation of the Bull Breeding Soundness Evaluation

This app is designed to be user-friendly, accurate, and reliable. It can be used on any device with an internet connection, such as a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. It can also work offline, and sync the data when the connection is restored. This app is intended to assist veterinarians and producers in making informed decisions about the management and selection of their bulls, and to improve the reproductive performance and profitability of their herds.